Julius Caesar Statement #2
Balance is at its most beautiful when its about to collapse. (maybe Pippolotti Rist)

Bru: Into what dangers would you lead me,/ That you would have me seek into myself for/ That which is not in me?
Cas: Therefore, good Brutus, be prepared to hear/ And since you know you cannot see yourself/ So well as by reflection, I, your glass,/ Will modestly discover to yourself/ That of yourself which you yet know not of.

We, Julius Caesar, propose the following:
Collaboration is nothing but antagonism, intimidation, acquiescence, compromise, passive-aggression, confusion and snark. “To be part of things or not to be part or having been part of things as they’ve become, to part from that part that was part of things as they are or not to part” is it, really.  Boxes with fluorescent porn. Radiating out .  Work we want to obstruct.  Ape suit.  Kierkegaard and Malevich.  Whatever.  Lyotard Josh.
    Igarbo! God is not over us, yet flight to Goblekli-Teppe.  Screwing or sticking all around us. The dances of Sybil Shearer thud.  Humiliacrum, expanding inward. Group show? Treat your own kneck.

1.   Caesar will produce the audio tour for the HPAC show in its entirety.
2.  And thinking about other spaces we would like to exist as opposites,  
      adjacents, supports, rebuttals,  and “yes sirs”  to things like that that exist
3.    We will re-enact a panel that has previously occurred.
4.    We will embody a published discussion between Lawrence Weiner and Liam Gillick.
5.    We will act out Julius Caesar, the play.
6.    We would play Julius Caesar, the act.
7.    We hear Diego has a play with nudity and lightning.
8.    We will shoot the shit for you in publick with bneer and /;fucks”

Audio tour: make it the best we can, that is too self-aggrandizing gesture. Is the critical gesture a self-aggrandizing gesture? Or is it a way to set oneself up as something