Scries on tables (titles below)

Palettes, found bricks, fabric from photo project, container lids with paint, polyurethane, resin and studio detritus

1.The solar anus
2.Educated by dread
3.Truculent temper of lions
4.Chest bellowing
5.Interacting motions of the two
6.The limbs are knitted together by atoms of body and mind arranged alternately
7.Path of every creeping thing
8.Normal neurosis
9.Political winds
10.Snatched the outsider mantle
11.Let no one touch me
12.Fought to capture control
13.Dragging and tugging us right to the eyeballs
14.Sunk in sleep
15.For touch and nothing but touch
16.Interference color bending light rays
17.Force a new era
18.Aging a tree to look like nature has beaten it to near death
19.Skin turns gelatinous, transparent, incandesces
20.Nerve centers are polarized
21.Thousands killed or injured
23.Seductive, destructive grasp of speed
24.Lack of transport infrastructure
25.Flesh of an anemone
26.Long assumed to be safe
27.Periodic solitudes
28.Ulcerous gnawing as a reaction to one’s embeddedness
29.Defiant self-creation become demoniac rage
30.Emanation from animal center
31.When the eyes are removed, the mind will see things better
32.Measure the gaps between atoms of spirit
33.Seats at stake
34.Destroy like gods
35.What it costs to lie about oneself
36.Fictitious health
37.A feeling of slavery in one’s safety
38.Lengthen the odds
39.Cynical deities
40.Ideas of the shipwrecked
41.Cosmos is conflict
42.An ugly gap in the structure
43.Continually developing itself out of the death throes of dread
44.Unusually smooth through middle age
45.The mind has a mind of its own
46.Limitless annihilation of god
47.Chaos and catastrophe
48.A steeper climb
49.The cupped hand that opens, keeps and protects
50.Cause for celebration
51.Come forward like a pigeon’s breast
52.Every one of us is the hour sounding on the clock
53.Lion of the sky
54.Eye-poking branches
55.Barrels of fire
56.Copper wire makes the frog’s legs jerk
57.Taste death as though it were present
58.To live is to feel oneself lost
59.We feed on the sweat of gold
60.Sexual furor of factories
61.You melt the world into the mould of your skull
62.Gesticulate and laugh loudly
63.Your eye, sea horse, vibrates
64.Suction pores function, secreting iodine
65.Prison of speed