Dirt and Ally McBeal
Sara Strouse Are you addicted to Ally McBeal? I watched the whole series last semester while I was working on my thesis. Good show!
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Molly Zuckerman-Hartung I am more trying to develop an addiction to it. I need something to rely on in the evenings.
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Sara Strouse Ahh. Well, you can always try Bones, that's what I'm on to now. But I found Ally McBeal to be very entertaining. It's light hearted, and Ally is so crazy, I couldn't help but find her funny.
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Molly Zuckerman-Hartung Absolutely. Ally McBeal is like my spirit guide into the coming dark winter. She winces and whimpers and harrumphs and whinnys and weeps and willows and flounces her way through the difficult, harrowing, gut wrenching self-hating, women-despising world and I crouch and skulk, claws extended, right behind her, practicing my anti-warrior-warrior stance. In this fashion, Ally and I will make it to springtime, at which point I will rejoice at the tree in my front window reassuring me of the continuity of life and the healing power of cyclical returns.
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Nomy Lamm you're right that is grounding
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Caleb Yono ok i think i need to come over.
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Drew Noble I used to live with my grandma in high school and our two favorite shows were Ally McBeal and South Park.
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Molly Zuckerman-Hartung YES CALEB!
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