Nouveau Realisme Made More New
Anachronism is the New "New"
Two quotes from Guy Hocquenghem by way of Andrew Blackley. Thank you Andrew, for feeling it.

"I am fed up with desire. Obsession is not what we do; it's what we don't do. I want to know what happens when I pretend not to desire. Or at least I want my desire to know it. I am tired of the officer saying: "I don't want to know!"

"All research on desire should be research on non-desire, on what blocks desire. In the philosophy department at Vincennes where speech on desire holds sway, as it does here, I wanted to hold a day-long group investigation on non-desire that would be undertaken by people who declare they do not desire each other. Was it a ridiculous idea, meant to bury the claim to non-desire under its own absurdity? Can we even still believe in the usefulness of speaking about desire when those who speak continue to obey the prohibition of touch, as if speech and touch were absolutely separate domains?"